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Re: Addresses book (novice)

From: Dan Griswold
Subject: Re: Addresses book (novice)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 14:47:51 GMT
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Keith O'Connell <> writes:

>>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Griswold <> writes:
>     Dan> Have you tried the BBDB?
> I had a brief look. I got the impression that it was great for hundreds
> of contact details, but otherwise it was overkill. Am I wrong? Is that
> the address book of choice for those in the know?

I don't think it's overkill, because to my mind "overkill" implies
something that's resource hungry or complicated to use. Neither of
these is true, in my opinion. Once BBDB is set up to work with gnus
(and there are numerous helps available for that), it works seamlessly
and inconspicuously in the background. Adding addresses is easy, and
autocompletion of partial addresses in the To: field (much like the
aliases you were setting up) is also easy.

BBDB _is_ "great for hundreds of contact details," but it's also great
for a tiny few. I'm not sure one would notice a difference either way.

As far as "for those in the know," I think a lot of gnus users run
BBDB, but I have no firm data for that.



Dan Griswold
Carrollton, TX

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