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Re: Hiding references when editing LaTeX?

From: Felix E. Klee
Subject: Re: Hiding references when editing LaTeX?
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 20:54:30 +0100
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David Kastrup wrote:
> Why?  Are you using RefTeX?  It comes bundled with Emacs, creates
> labels automatically and makes handling them a breeze.  For example,
> in connection with AUCTeX it automatically assigns labels like
> \label{eq:21} which sounds like a pretty bad idea until you realize
> that C-c ) will give you a list of all relevant equations to scroll
> through and hit the right one.  So no need to memorize any labels.

I already use RefTeX but I find the label names are too long in the 
corresponding references. They are disturbing when reading text onscreen. 

>> An example:
>>   Instead of
>>     We use equation \ref{SomeVeryVeryLongReference} to show something.
>>   I want to see
>>     We use equation # to show something.
>>   but upon moving the cursor on top of the '#' I want to see
>>     We use equation \ref{SomeVeryVeryLongReference} to show something.
>>   again.
> preview-latex <URL:> would do
> exactly that 

I am already using it all the time.

> if you created a file prauctex.cfg with the contents
> \PreviewCommand[!][\#]\ref
> \InputIfFileExists{preview/prauctex.cfg}{}{}
> in your project directory.  You could also try
> \PreviewCommand[!]\ref
> to have the dereferenced label itself displayed as typeset by LaTeX,
> or
> \RequirePackage{url}
> \PreviewCommand[!][\@firstoftwo\url#1]\ref
> to have the original label text in typewriter mode and so on.
> Also handy for collapsing footnotes into their respective footnote
> mark.  In short, preview-latex allows you to tell LaTeX how you want
> certain constructs display in your Emacs window, obviously defaulting
> to their normal typeset rendition.

Thanks I'll try this out. Preview-LaTeX is wonderful - I love it:)
> But for labels, I'd really recommend going with RefTeX instead.  Try
> it.  Manual should be available with
> C-h i d m reftex RET

I don't see a reason why I shouldn't use RefTeX and Preview-LaTeX for 
handling references at the same time.


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