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Re: LaTeX-Fill-Paragraph and inline images

From: Felix E. Klee
Subject: Re: LaTeX-Fill-Paragraph and inline images
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 12:58:44 +0100
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Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
> Reading through the RefTeX pages on sourceforge, the following link
> from the main page ( might be
> useful to you and the respondents in the discussion. In particular,
> what is wrong with having say WhizzyTeX open a separate window and
> therefore offers more clarity, while at the same time editing the
> offending text segments with preview-LaTeX quick and dirty. A binding
> of the LaTeX compilation could be done to run both p-L and w-T so that
> updating is synchronized?

Thanks for pointing me to other tools. I have considered them as well but 
there are several arguments that let me favor Preview-LaTeX:
1. I can do all my editing in EMACS, my favorite text editor, and I don't
   have to move my head between a WhizzyTeX window and the editor window.
2. I often work on a Laptop which only has a 1024x768 sized screen and
   having an EMACS and the WhizzyTeX window open at the same time will be
   problematic. In addition the laptop probably isn't fast enough to let
   WhizzyTeX update text in real time (I haven't tried it, though).
3. As for Lyx and Texmacs: I want to have full control over the LaTeX code
   I'm writing and, in addition, I use a lot of macros and 3rd party
4. Writing a fill-paragraph function that works properly with Preview-LaTeX
   shouldn't be too hard once we have something similar to compute-motion
   that measures in pixels.


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