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Customizing compile appearance

From: wdr1
Subject: Customizing compile appearance
Date: 27 Feb 2003 17:48:32 -0800

Over the last few weeks I've become a big fan of M-x compile & M-x
recompile.  However, there are two things about it that I don't like. 
I'm wondering if I can tailor them to my liking?

1) When (re)compile splits the window, is there any way to customize
how big split is, or what value it passes to split-window-vertically? 
(If I'm manually splitting windows, I know I can do something like
M-60-C-x-2 to get a window w/ 60 lines in the top buffer & the rest
below.  I'm hoping I can tell compile to do this for me.)

2) Currently, if the output from either compile or recompile is longer
than the length of the buffer, the point stays at the top of the
buffer.  I think in most cases, people are interested in the ending
portions (to see if everything compiled successfully or not or to
watch what's happening).  Is there anyway to have the buffer
automatically scroll along with the new input?


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