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Re: Non-ASCII characters in Emacs 21.2.1

From: Benjamin Riefenstahl
Subject: Re: Non-ASCII characters in Emacs 21.2.1
Date: 28 Feb 2003 16:50:11 +0100
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Kpn <> writes:

> I am just starting to use GnuEmacs 21.2.1 after installing a
> GnuLinux Red Hat distribution 8.0.

> I am trying to write a text in spanish (with its non-Ascii
> characters) and the results are not satisfactory. 

Non-ASCII is a bit vague ;-).  You need to determine how these
characters are encoded and handled by Emacs and by your environment to
get to the root of the problem.

> I see the accents and other non-ASCII charcters but the buffer is
> not correctly saved.

Put the cursor on a non-ASCII character in Emacs and type

  M-x describe-char-after RET

What does the resulting help buffer say about the character set?

While you are in the buffer that you want to save, type

  M-x describe-coding-system RET

What is the result of that?

> By invoking:
> $> more archive

What is the character encoding that you use there?  Can you type

 $> echo ├▒ | od -t x1

on your terminal, so we can see an example of what you use there?

> The non-ASCII charcter are now incorrectly prompted on the
> screen. Of course texing the archive does not make a correct dvi
> file.

What encoding does your version of TeX expect?

Hope this helps, benny

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