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Re: emacs 21.3 wants ""; got Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz; NOW WHAT?

From: Akop Pogosian
Subject: Re: emacs 21.3 wants ""; got Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz; NOW WHAT?
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 08:09:32 +0000 (UTC)
User-agent: tin/1.4.6-20020816 ("Aerials") (UNIX) (SunOS/5.8 (sun4u))

In comp.unix.solaris David Combs <> wrote:
> []  emacs: 21.3: 21.3 wants "";  got Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz; NOW WHAT?

> (four questions)

> Here's the original message I got while "making" emacs-21.2:

> ./temacs: fatal: open failed: No such file or 
> directory

If you're compiling emacs from source (that means you should have
compiled temacs, whatever it is, from source too), supposedly your
linker should have managed to find the location of the libXaw3d
library. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten temacs executable file in
the first place. This means that this shared library file already
exists somewhere on your system but the run time-linker can not find
it. The proper way to fix this is to make sure that when you compile
emacs that -R<path to the library directory> flag is passed to the
linker when linking the emacs binaries. I haven't compiled emacs
recently, so I don't remember what needs to be done to make this
happen. Typically, setting the LDFLAGS='-R/something/something/lib"
environment variable works, sometimes you need to pass this ld flag as
an option to the configure script, and finally, you can edit the
generated Makefile(s) after running configure.

As for installing Xaw3d-1.5.tar.gz, extract the tar archive and then
look at the files with names that might suggest that they contain
installation instructions (e.g. README, INSTALL, etc) and see what
they say. There is no standard way to compile things from source. 

Tinkering with source packages is useful for learning how to build
unix software but in lots of cases I'd also settle for precompiled
packages (specially if a copy of emacs and a few other standard
package is all that you need). Solaris 8 and 9 companion CDs contain a
copy of emacs and you can also download emacs packages from sites like or


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