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Re: Are there chances to integrate ECB in one of the next releases of GN

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Are there chances to integrate ECB in one of the next releases of GNU Emacs 21?
Date: 09 Jul 2003 10:10:05 -0400
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> I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question...if not, please
> give me a pointer to the right one.

I think the way it typically work is you get contacted by the maintainer
(RMS nowadays) or you contact him, or you first post to emacs-devel
(I hope/assume you subscribe to it already).

> OK, back to the topic: Which requirements a package must fulfill, so it
> can be integrated into e release of GNU Emacs? Just a question - i do not
> want to be intrusive!

I think you mostly need to transfer the copyright to the FSF.
I.e. track down everybody who contributed non-trivial code to the package
and get them to sign a bit of paperwork (and maybe get their employer to
sign a bit of paperwork as well).

Of course you also need things like:
- that the maintainer thinks it's a good idea to bundle it.
- that you agree as well (and probably that you agree to maintain it
  there, while agreeing that other people might install patches in it
  without asking you first, although you normally get to bitch and
  moan and revert the patch).
- that it follows the usual convention (most importantly, it uses the
  namespace sparingly).

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