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List evaluation problems

From: Mario Domgörgen
Subject: List evaluation problems
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 19:28:20 +0200
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Hejhej group!

Are elisp problems on-topic are? Hope so ...

In the moment i'm working on a cd ripper and ogg-vorbis encoder for
emacs and it's almost done. Only one problem..

I want to make it a little more user-costumizable and removed some
hardcoded parts, so for example the ripping switches. Here's the old
working function (a little ripped down to the important parts):

(defun oggel-rip-track (tracknumber)
  (let ((proc (apply 'start-process (concat "oggel-ripping-" tracknumber)
                     "*Oggel*" oggel-ripping-programm 
                     "-t" tracknumber "-D" oggel-device "-x"

So and now my idea:

(defcustom oggel-ripping-switches 
  '("-D" oggel-device "-x" "-t" tracknumber) ; oggel-device and
  ;tracknumber are just strings

(defun oggel-rip-track (tracknumber)
  (let ((proc (apply 'start-process (concat "oggel-ripping-" 
                     "*Oggel*" oggel-ripping-programm 

But that just gives me:

(wrong-type-argument sequencep oggel-device)

I'm rather helpless as this is my first real elisp program. 

It would be great if somebody could help me with that!


Serious error.
All shortcuts have disappeared.
Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

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