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Re: emacs doesn't use the X clipboard

From: LEE Sau Dan
Subject: Re: emacs doesn't use the X clipboard
Date: 13 Jan 2004 23:19:41 +0100
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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim McNamara <> writes:

    Tim> Seems to work correctly in both directions on OS X 10.3.2
    Tim> (although it takes a little getting used to, the Mac OS
    Tim> cut/copy/paste conventions do not include automatic copying
    Tim> to the clipboard)

There is no "automatic copying to the clipboard" in X.  The X paradigm
is: select-and-paste,  not copy-and-paste.   There is no  "copying" in
the  process, and  no clipboard  is  involved.  Say  it is  "automatic
copying" is simply wrong.

(Yes, if you like, you  can launch 'xclipboard' to emulate a clipboard
into which you  can copy.  But that's just an emulation  on top of the
select-and-paste paradigm.)

This is arguably more efficient,  because the copying is skipped.  So,
the  X-clients won't  transfer  large amounts  of  selected but  never
pasted data.  The data is transfered only when it is pasted.

Lee Sau Dan                     李守敦(Big5)                    ~{@nJX6X~}(HZ) 

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