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Re: mule : multibyte to 7 bit conversions

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: mule : multibyte to 7 bit conversions
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 16:19:55 -0700
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nospam55 wrote:

I live already under
  export LC_COLLATE=C

your suggestion is important, it suggests me that the problem's origin is not emacs-related;


in fact if I say from bash

 $ man bash > read.tmp

then read.tmp is hardly readable because of plenty of embedded ctrl chars such 
as ^H;

That is a separate problem, which Emacs handles in the Man-fontify-manpage
function (C-h v).  You can even invoke it directly via M-x.

What happens if you run this command:

LC_ALL=C man bash >

Are there still non-ASCII characters in the file?

I will  try  man man

The `man foo` command is basically equivalent to:

nroff -man /usr/man/man?/foo.? | ${PAGER:more}

It works because your terminal interprets the backspace and various escape
sequences that nroff outputs.

Kevin Rodgers

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