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Re: turning off scrollbars

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: turning off scrollbars
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 16:42:06 -0700
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Fx Mx wrote:

Hello there emacs gurus--

I don't want the scroll bars to come up as default,
and so I added the following line to my .emacs file:

(scroll-bar-mode 0)

`C-h f scroll-bar-mode RET' says:

| scroll-bar-mode is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `scroll-bar'.
| (scroll-bar-mode FLAG)
| Toggle display of vertical scroll bars on all frames.
| This command applies to all frames that exist and frames to be
| created in the future.
| With a numeric argument, if the argument is negative,
| turn off scroll bars; otherwise, turn on scroll bars.

So the correct form is: (scroll-bar-mode -1)

This for some reason doesn't turn it off, neither does

(setq scroll-bar-mode nil)

`C-h v scroll-bar-mode RET' says:

| scroll-bar-mode's value is left
| | Documentation:
| *Specify whether to have vertical scroll bars, and on which side.
| Possible values are nil (no scroll bars), `left' (scroll bars on left)
| and `right' (scroll bars on right).
| To set this variable in a Lisp program, use `set-scroll-bar-mode'
| to make it take real effect.
| Setting the variable with a customization buffer also takes effect.
| | You can customize this variable. | | Defined in `scroll-bar'.

And `C-h f set-scroll-bar-mode RET' says:

| set-scroll-bar-mode is a compiled Lisp function in `scroll-bar'.
| (set-scroll-bar-mode VALUE)
| Set `scroll-bar-mode' to VALUE and put the new value into effect.

So the correct form is: (set-scroll-bar-mode nil)

However, these methods of turning on and off modes
work in other settings.

Not relevant.

C-h is your friend,
Kevin Rodgers

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