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Re: compilation-error-regexp-alist syntax problems

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: compilation-error-regexp-alist syntax problems
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 19:31:27 GMT
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> What's untidy about eval-after-load?  My only complaint is that it's not a
> macro, so we have to quote the FORM.

The macro is one such issue indeed:
Instead of (eval-after-load FOO '(progn BAR BAZ)), it should just be
(eval-after-load FOO BAR BAZ).
Do you have a suggestion for how to name such a new macro?

Another issue is that (eval-after-load "compile" FOO) will not run FOO
when loading "compile.elc" or "compile.el" or "/foo/bar/compile", but only
if you load "compile", even if those are all one and the same file.

In Emacs-CVS you can do (eval-after-load 'compile FOO) which will run FOO
right after executing (provide 'compile) which does adress the above
problem, but FOO will be run either before or after loading "compile",
depending on where the `provide' is located in the file (the coding
convention says to put it at the end, but several packages do not follow
the convention).

>> Hmm... there's room for improvement in compile.el.

> Could it be as simple as adding ;;;###autoload cookies to the 6 -regexp-alist
> `defvar's?

For this specific problem, it would help.  but it will still not fix
the `add-hook' code that Roy used originally.


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