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Re: emacs 21.3 and font-lock-faces

From: Javier Oviedo
Subject: Re: emacs 21.3 and font-lock-faces
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:17:20 -0500

In doing some investigation it seems that some of the functionality of 21.2
font-lock.el was moved to cc-fonts.el in 21.3. In font-lock.el 21.2 there is
a regexp case in c-font-lock-keywords-1 that covers number 2 below. When I
do a M-x describe-variable c-font-lock-keywords-1  in 21.3 I get no match.

My knowledge of cc-mode is quite limited so the only way I could think of to
get around this was to add the number 2 regexp case to
font-lock-add-keywords. I tried adding the 21.2 setq of
c-font-lock-keywords-1 in my .emacs for 21.3 but that had no affect. I doubt
that this is the correct solution for this, so I'd be happy to hear any
thoughts on the matter.

I hope that this description makes sense. Forgive me if I fumble on the
proper terminology.

Thanks in advance!


"Javier Oviedo" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Hello all:
> I've noticed some slight changes to the face attributes when editing in
> c-mode. I'm using emacs 21.3 on windows XP and comparing it to emacs 21.2
> windows XP
> 1. The # in #if/#ifdef, etc used to display in a seperate face than the
> if/ifdef/define that followed. Now it displays all in the same face. Is
> there a way that I can change this back? I don't really care for how it
> looks now. I believe that the # would display in the default face.
> 2. The statement after an #if used to display in
> font-lock-variable-name-face. Now it displays in default face I believe.
> Example: #if !(defined(NDU_DBG4) || defined(NDU_DBG5))
> NDU_DBG4 and NDU_DBG5 used to display in font-lock-variable-name-face but
> 21.3 they don't. I can't be certain but from the color I see it seems that
> they are using the default face.
> I'd like to go back to the old behavior for these cases. Can someone help
> out? Thanks.
> -- 
> Javier

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