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Re: Emacs on Aix questions

From: leo
Subject: Re: Emacs on Aix questions
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:04:22 +1100

"Hemond, Steve" <address@hidden> wrote in message

> 1. The DEL key won't erase from the point position. It acts like
> BACKSPACE. (I don't have this problem in terminal mode).

you can change your key bindings: with C-H c DEL lookup what the DEL key is
for the system and what command it invokes.

then put something like
(global-set-key "[C-z" 'shell)

2. C-space will
> start setting a mark, but moving the cursor to select a range leads to
> nothing. Like the MARK SET is disabling soon after.
> In terminal mode (emacs -nw), I have the same MARK SET problem. The DEL
> key behaves correctly. But I have a problem:
> 1. The mode line disapears from time to time (often when paging up and
> down) like its not refreshed. Is it possible to fix that?
> General question :
> 1. Is is possible to tell emacs not to use backup and temporary files? I
> hate listing a directory filled with #file and file~ files, and I don't
> really need to backup this way. Can I get rid of that feature easily?
> Thanks a lot for your support,
> Best regards,
> Steve Hemond
> Programmeur Analyste / Analyst Programmer
> Smurfit-Stone, Ressources Forestieres
> La Tuque, P.Q.
> Tel.: (819) 676-8100 X2833
> address@hidden

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