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how to prevent .emacs.d

From: christian
Subject: how to prevent .emacs.d
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:27:17 +0100
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On a Server I would like to run emacs.
If I save a file (buffer) emacs wants to create an directory called

The Problem is I have no right to write in "myhomedir". Iam just allowed to
write in subdirs like "myhomedir/something/".

What I tried so far to create a file "myhomedir/something/emacs" with the
following content:

(setq-default        auto-save-default        nil)
(setq-default        make-backup-files        nil)

and then run emacs with "emacs -l myhomedir/something/emacs".

The Problem is emacs still wants to craeate the ".emacs.d" directory.

My Question is: How to prevent emacs from creating this diretory or how to
tell emacs to create this directory somewhere else ?

greetings C.

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