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Re: How to upgrade from version 20.7

From: kgold
Subject: Re: How to upgrade from version 20.7
Date: 13 Feb 2004 22:11:17 GMT

In article <address@hidden>,
 address@hidden (David) writes:
> I'm looking for help with the upgrade process -- my original
> installation had been from a prepared package, so I don't have
> experience installing emacs. I'm running emacs on Win2K. Do I need to
> uninstall my present version? What files do I need to download, and
> how do I unzip them? Is there a detailed FAQ for this procedure
> anywhere?
> Thanks,
> David

This link has a whole section on installing.

Since emacs doesn't use the registry, it's much easier to install than
most programs.  Typically one unpacks the release, sets up the path
and you're ready to go.

Versions can coexist.

Before you uninstall (by simply deleting) the old version, be sure
that you've moved any local .el files to a safe place.  For that
reason, I don't put my custom .el's in the emacs directory.


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