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Re: . . .

From: nospam55
Subject: Re: . . .
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 18:57:29 +0100
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    (set-face-foreground 'fringe "wheat")
    (set-face-background 'fringe "Black")

  (defun set-fringe ()
    "Change fringe color."
    (set-face-background 'fringe  "red"))
work fine, thanks;

> Goto the "Options" menu, and the last item in it, the "Customize Emacs"
> submenu. In that menu click on "Specific Face...".  It will prompt
> you for which face or type return for all of them.  You can enter
> "fringe", or get them all and search down the list for fringe.

I see ... works also, thanks; 
 how can I visit a list of colors ? I know a way, don't know if there
are better ones ...

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