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Which free common lisp do you recommend?

From: Henna
Subject: Which free common lisp do you recommend?
Date: 16 Feb 2004 17:57:11 +0100

Which free common lisp is most widely used?
Which has most user support?
Which has less headaches? and the distribution comes with most tools so I
do not have to 
 gather them from places.
Which is most versatile and allow exploration of most concepts?
Which is easy to install? on redhat linux? 

I am only using redhat linux.

These questions were not answered at a useful site
and so I ask you.

Installing common lisp would be a major headache for a person of my
so I request help for my benefit, not as a forum for rivalries. This means
that if you
have a counter idea, please post it and in some detail so that I can make
My immediate goal is to get plisp running and if this can be done
immediately with
minimal effort then I would defer a full commonlisp with CLOS to a later


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