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Your future

From: Valery
Subject: Your future
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 05:08:54 -0500

hi , Valery , here
You were resfersred to me as a person seeking finsancsial indepsendesnce.
My misssion is to heslp everyone I possibly can achieve fisnancial susccess.
$1s0,s000 in 4s5 - 9s0 days and restiremesnt in 3s-5 YEsARsS are wsithsin yosur resach.

I csan hselsp yosu get there:

Regarsdless of your csurrent age or your dsebt load
This is a trsuly revsolutsionasry opportsunity,not an MsLM or frsanchissse.

Plsease taske the fsirst step to finasncial freesdom.

Looking forward to working with you, Valery

address@hidden was the addsress refserred to me for this opsportunsity.
Thanks, Valery
get me off this thing
Valery $FS|Z 8nZFzd,=i 8n0sA
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