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Re: Lost "Raised" Buttons Graphics After Restart

From: Tennis Smith
Subject: Re: Lost "Raised" Buttons Graphics After Restart
Date: 21 Feb 2004 12:18:10 -0800

"Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> > From: address@hidden (Tennis Smith)
> > Newsgroups:
> > Date: 20 Feb 2004 11:13:17 -0800
> > 
> > I restarted my emacs 21 session, and for some reason, the "raised"
> > button graphics in things like "customize-groups" disappear.  Its all
> > just plain text now. Before they were "raised button" graphics.
> > 
> > How is that functionality turned on/off?
> It isn't, AFAIK.  Emacs does that automatically when the mouse pointer
> hovers above a mouse-sensitive region of its display.  Something is
> wrong either with your window manager or with Emacs itself
> (a.k.a. bug).
> If you can reliably reproduce this problem, I'd suggest a bug report
> posted to the usual addresses (use "M-x report-emacs-bug RET").

Thanks Eli.  I'll do that.


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