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Re: How Many Emacs Users?

From: Brad Collins
Subject: Re: How Many Emacs Users?
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 09:42:00 +0700
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> Between 2 and 4 million I'd say.

Thanks for the replys -- back channeled as well...

This is not a life or death thing.  And it's obvious there is no way
of determining how many people who use any flavour of Unix or
Gnu/Linux could be using, so I think it would be better to use a
simular approach that is used by congressional offices and say that
for every person subscribed to a Emacs mailing list there are X
number users who aren't.

It's a bit like Cicadas.  You sure as hell know they are there,
making that infernal racket, and you'd think bugs that size would not
be terribly adept at hiding, but finding the damn things is more
trouble than its worth.


Brad Collins
Chenla Labs
Bangkok, Thailand

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