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Re: Program structure of Pstricks, what is its basic structure?

From: Cameron Laird
Subject: Re: Program structure of Pstricks, what is its basic structure?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:23:35 -0000

In article <address@hidden>,
Crashedandburnt <address@hidden> wrote:
                [much other vitupera-
                tion already addressed]
>Knuth's book is scrap. It is convoluted by malice or twist of his
>mind. It mixes advanced usage with basics. For contrast, compare, for
>example, the Adobe cookbook or thinking in postscript. I pick
>postscript because it is as extensive as TeX in its functions. CB has
>a very nicely organized glossary. Knuth wrote his book to impress his
>colleagues so that he can get an early retirement from Stanford by
>dominating his colleagues. This is exactly what the abuse of software
>to control the world is, and what Richard Stallman is crusading
>against. Gnu is now active in the next phase of its mission which is
>quality documentation. But since TeX is not FSF software, they are not
>likely to focus on it. Someone active in this group is gonna have to
>do that.
These certainly are dramatic, vivid claims.

I have no evidence that any of them are justified.  I
recommend those readers personally unfamiliar with Dr.
Knuth give no weight to these unsupported allegations.

Cameron Laird <address@hidden>

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