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Re: Newbie: Interactive goto-line ?!

From: Floyd Davidson
Subject: Re: Newbie: Interactive goto-line ?!
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 09:35:39 -0900
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Karel Kubat <address@hidden> wrote:
>Hi all,
>A newbie question: I'm tired of typing "^X goto-line", so what I want is the
>same functionality, but in fewer keystrokes. E.g, after hitting M-g (or
>When I try to bind goto-line to some key, or when I try to defun a new
>function and bind that one to some key, then the following happens: the
>interpreter tells me that there's no argument. As expected; the docs say
>that goto-line needs an argument. But how do I make all this interactive,
>just as "^X goto-line" works?
>Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure what the default bindings are, but I've always used
any emacs with M-g bound to the goto-line function.  That means
going to line 214 is as easy as the key sequence 'ESC 214 ESG g'

This is what is in my .emacs file:

 (define-key esc-map  "g" 'goto-line)

Floyd L. Davidson           <>
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska)                         address@hidden

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