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Re: Emacs port to Eclipse

From: Thomas L Roche
Subject: Re: Emacs port to Eclipse
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 23:20:38 -0500

Kai Grossjohann Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:38:25 +0100
> I'm still not sure how to go about the integration of Emacs and
> Eclipse. RemoteEclipse is one way to do (part of) it.

Hadn't seen that ...

> But I'd think that it would be most natural for an Emacs user to
> invoke the functionality from within Emacs.

> For instance, this means that I'd expect to be able to do M-x
> find-callers RET RET to find the callers of the method at point.

Right. FWIW, what I would like to have is emacs in eclipse. I still
want all the happy views, the markers, quick fixes, refactoring
commands, Call Hierarchy, etc. I also want the availability of the
graphical editors (sometimes). But I also want the option to open a
file in an editor that is ... emacs! I.e. not just the right
keybindings, it should have

* a minibuffer, from which I can run elisp normally

* elisp (lack of scripting is IMHO the biggest weakness with eclipse
  right now)

It would be basically my current emacs frame either

* running in the eclipse editor space, with eclipse providing the
  markers in the right and left border (the minibuffer could steal the
  space currently occupied by the tabs). This is what I visualize when
  I say "wrapper": emacs inside eclipse.

* running outside the eclipse frame (as it does now) but communicating
  with eclipse, e.g. getting and understanding the necessary marginal
  inputs from eclipse and displaying them in its own margins. This
  sounds like what RemoteEclipse is starting toward ... hafta take a
  closer look at that ...

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