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How to modify binary file in emacs/vi

From: Datta Patil
Subject: How to modify binary file in emacs/vi
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:14:52 +0530

Hi all ,

I have binary file(it looks like 101010100100001001001)
I have opened in hex mode(by giving ESC X--->hexl mode)
now it looks like (1ad3 89f0 0ba2.....)

Now i want to change to :
1ad3 89f0 0ba2      original file
2bd3 89f0 0ba2      new file(say)
but when i type 2 takes its asciii value & changes two bytes.What i
want is when i press 2 , its hexadecimal value(i.e. 2) insted of ascii value
should appear.

Is there any method to change one-nible value in emacs or vi .
Plz help ...its v imp & will save our lot of time.(Basically in above case
we r trying to corrupt data)
Note : input file is binary file.

Thanx lot in advance.

Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Datta Patil

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