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Re: Newbie: Interactive goto-line ?!

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Newbie: Interactive goto-line ?!
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 16:42:37 GMT
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> I have it turned off.  I use Emacs mostly for TeX programming, and
> there its competence in analysing complex TeX documents is not
> convincing (complex TeX documents can hardly be tackled by anything
> but TeX, since syntax categories in this macro language change on the
> fly).

Hell yes!  TeX's pretty awful in this respect.  Even Perl is easier.
If you have any idea what to do, I'd like to know.  Even doing something
like "turn off font-lock if the buffer is tex-mode and has \catcode or
somesuch" is not good enough: you have to look for funny catcode in all the
packages included.

> I am exposed to large amounts of text all the time.  The contrast on
> screen is already much lower than on paper, I need not lower it more
> artificially.

I have changed most of my font-lock faces to be black-on-white (my default
scheme) and I use bold & italics to distinguish things.

> In a typical TeX macro document, more than half of the
> important text consists of comments.

Have you tried my new doctex-mode ?  It's not using AUCTeX so it's probably
no good for you, but you might like the idea.  I don't hack on such docs
enough to have a good feel for what would be really useful, tho.  The idea
is just to try and turn those "code in comment" back into non-comments.

> Making those less readable by
> casting them into some weird color is contraproductive.

Hmm... I do have comments in a greyish color to make them less visible, but
then I try to avoid having important stuff in comments.


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