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Re: How can I determine what the default font it?

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: How can I determine what the default font it?
Date: 29 Feb 2004 21:54:10 +0000
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address@hidden (Floyd L. Davidson) writes:

> I was asking about how it related to the article it referenced.
> Neither you or Jason have helped the OP to configure his Emacs,
> and I believe that was the intention of my article.

I didn't help the original poster configure his Emacs, because I felt
that you had already given him sufficient information already. But
you did mention that you had a more general font-size problem (with
xterm as well as Emacs), so I proposed a more general solution,
though I didn't take the time to go into the great detail that you
did answering the OP's question because it was slightly off-topic.

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