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tracing memory usage?

From: Cristian Gutierrez
Subject: tracing memory usage?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 20:19:45 -0400
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Is there any way to "trace" Emacs' memory usage? I mean, one way to find
out where's most memory used, or by which mode/buffer/variable, if

I'm continuosly having "memory-exhausted" warning when I use Gnus and
W3M under escreen.el, usually after a few days. When I'm in luck, I can
close some buffers (I'll avoid closing Gnus) and keep things cool, like
now. But other times it's just impossible to cope with the sluggishness
and even freezes, and have to restart Emacs.

I usually set gc-cons-threshold to 30MB to avoid Gnus getting gc'ed in
the few minutes it takes to load, but I guess that this is not the
culprit, anyway. My main suspect is the awful lot of startup code I have
put on .emacs and .gnus over the years, but I'm rather clueless to begin
auditing them.


Cristian Gutierrez            

In God we trust, all others we verify with pgp-signatures.

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