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A few Emacs newbie questions, need oldbie answers :)

From: Deboo
Subject: A few Emacs newbie questions, need oldbie answers :)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 02:15:33 +0530 (IST)

Hi List!
I have limited-time net connection and not very high speed one at that.
So, am putting all my questions in one or two messages and sending. I hope
this won't irritate others and also hope I'll get quite a few replies when
I check next, in 24 hours or so. Sorry for putting all these in one

      In emacs, how to search/get a lisp program (download) and how to
      install it and how to load it? E.g., remind.el

      What is the best reminder, PIM and todo list manager avaliable
      for emacs (console)?

      Is there a way to save all the programs used under emacs
      environment get saved under one directory, say .emacs and not in
      separate directories?

      What is the best way to backup all of these emacs and other
      programs' configs and data files?

      How to set a particular file (say .todo or any other todo file)
      to get autosaved every xx seconds or x minutes?

      How to get out of an emacs mode? How to get back to normal mode?

      How do I find out what all lisp programs are compiled with my
      version of emacs?

      My mouse doesn't copy-paste properly in console so I normally
      and I use the screen program so I use the keyboard for
      copy-paste operations but it's hard to copy-paste more than one
      page at a time. Is there some other way I could do the same in
      emacs with less hassles, with the keyboard, many pages at a

      What is the best way (or the easiest way) to switch buffers?

      Is there a lisp program to make use of aptitude within emacs?

      How to use rcs/cvs to backup many versions of a file and how to
      automatically upload this file to a webserver/webdav space/ftp

      I have lots of notes, reminders, todos, lists, and such files under
      one directory. I carry it on a mini CD that's got knoppix on it. But
      say I need access to my files and have to use windoze to open these
      text files, is there a very small program for windoze, running which
      would immediately convert all the files from unix to dos format? And
      after the work is over, running it again with some other option,
      convert all of them back to unix format? I could keep that small
      proggy too along, on the CD as well as on my website.

      Best thing I could use emacs under dos/windoze if I could, bu it
      would be huge to be put on a mini CD. I haven't ever tried that
      version, but would like to know user experiences.

      What are the basic differences between the dos/windoze and
      unix/linux versions of emacs?

      What all configs and files do I have to carry around if I want
      emacs everywhere to have the same colors/settings and such?

      How to auomatically spell-check while typing text?

      How to use syntax-highlighting in emacs? Is there syntax-
      highlighting in emacs like in vim?

      How to use and set word-wrap in emacs?

      How to justify text in emacs? How to format text?

      How to use a console-based graphics viewer (zgv or fbi or feh)
      from within emacs?

      How to view pdf files in emacs? I had read somewhere about a
      console pdf viewer (using frame buffer), called cpdf and another
      similar one called, bmv which views postscript file using frame
      buffer. The former I couldn't find. bmv, I haven't able to use
      successfully even aftere converting many pdf files to ps. If
      anyone uses these or any other console pdf viewer, can he/she
      recommend it?

      I want to load the todoo-mode for all files that are within
      ~/todo folder, whichever I load in to emacs anytime. What do I have
      to put in .emacs to do this?

      Is there a list of websites and lisp files that I can just download
      and then configure and install in to emacs, offline? If anyone has
      such a list of such urls, can I please have it? It will help me,
      since I can't connect for long to read/surf/download and such.

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