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Re: how to make a timer in emacs

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: how to make a timer in emacs
Date: 22 Apr 2004 03:08:17 +0200
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Joel Smith <> writes:

> the problem is that in the *playing...* buffer mp3player is trying
> type the time elapsed for the current track, but instead of printing
> the time and then replacing the time with the update it just keeps
> adding the text so the playing buffer gets really large.

instead of a timer to trim the buffer, you can make the process filter
recognize certain output (using a regular expression) and modify the
buffer explicitly.  i see the current filter is rather minimalistic:

  (defun mp3player-play-filter (proc string) nil)

i'm assuming that it is the subprocess that is producing the time,
rather than the elisp code.


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