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Re: Hungry delete for C, C++ and Java?

From: William Payne
Subject: Re: Hungry delete for C, C++ and Java?
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:18:28 +0200

"Alan Mackenzie" <none@example.invalid> wrote in message
> William Payne <> wrote on Wed, 21 Apr
> 2004 00:27:06 +0200:
> >> > .... and I was wondering how I turn on hungry delete per default for
> >> > C, C++ and Java?
> >> In an appropriate hook function (probably on c-mode-common-hook)
> >> (c-toggle-hungry-state 1)
> >> [, and as a matter of interest, C-c C-d will execute
> >> `c-toggle-hungry-state' interactively].  <backspace> and C-d (but not
> >> <del>) then do hungry deletion.  It looks as thought the fine manual
> >> could do with some clarification on this point.
> > Thanks for the reply, Alan. My .emacs file is as follows, where should
> > I put (c-toggle-hungry-state 1)? Under (defun my-c++-mode ()
> > (interactive) and (defun my-java-mode () (interactive) ?
> > My .emacs file was created years and years ago by someone else, I wish I
> > understood it better...I am guessing it could be cleaned-up/improved
> > Fyi, I am using CC-Mode 5.30.8.
> A stable released version without bugs. (hah! :-)
> OK, a few comments on your .emacs file:
> >   '("\\.pike$"   . my-c++-mode)    ; element of auto-mode-alist
> There is actually a Pike Mode within CC Mode.  If that's the same
> language that your files.pike are, it would be better than c++-mode.

Thanks for noticing this. I have removed this entry completely.

> Also, you're using C++ Mode for C files.  Also not _so_ bad, but not
> quite optimal.

Yes, I guess I should change that. First I will have to convert all my c++
header files to end in .hpp instead of .h. I also have to fix the
indentation in some cases, it's not behaving as I want it to behave.

> > (defun my-java-mode () (interactive)
> >   (java-mode)
> >   (require 'jdok)
> >   (c-toggle-hungry-state 1)   ;  <====================================
> >   (setq c-basic-offset 3) ; Indent three columns.
> >   (setq c-offsets-alist
> It looks like you've already got c-toggle-hungry-state turned on, here.
> Does it work?  Have you inserted this line here in the last day or two,
> perhaps?  It ought to work.

I added that after your first reply and, yes, it works. =)

> If it now works and you're happy about it, that's great, and just ignore
> what follows.
> #########################################################################
> However, if you're interested in getting to know Emacs and CC Mode a bit
> better, the way you've got CC Mode configured is highly unusual, and
> suggests the person who wrote the .emacs didn't fully understand the way
> Emacs works.
> Your setup for C++ Mode looks like this in outline:
> (defun my-c++-mode ()
>   (c++-mode)
>   (williams-customizations))
> This compels you to add entries to auto-mode-alist (this is the list
> which tells Emacs which mode to use for a filename).  Normally C++ Mode
> is configured by using "hooks" - you give c++-mode a list of functions
> you want to get called whenever c++-mode runs.  You then get the
> customizations you want without need to have functions like my-c++-mode.
> You could reformulate your code like this:
> (defun williams-c++-hook ()
>   (williams-customizations))
> (add-hook 'c++-mode-hook 'williams-c++-hook)
> That way, you could get rid of all these entries to auto-mode-alist.
> Customizations which are common to C, C++, Java, Pike, (such as the
> call of c-toggle-hungry-state) you need only write once, in
> c-mode-common-hook, like this:
> (defun williams-common-hook ()
>   (c-toggle-hungry-state 1)
>   (other-customizations))
> (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook 'williams-common-hook)
> This is extensively described on the page "Hooks" in the CC Mode manual,
> and the page "Sample .emacs File" would also be of interest.
> > / WP

I am very interested in cleaning up my .emacs-file and understanding emacs
and cc-mode better. I am not quite sure I follow you on the hooks (having
done zero lisp coding), but I will try to understand it and incorporate your
> -- 
> Alan Mackenzie (Munich, Germany)
> Email: aacm@muuc.dee; to decode, wherever there is a repeated letter
> (like "aa"), remove half of them (leaving, say, "a").

/ William Payne

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