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Re: how to find delaration of a variable

From: Lowell Kirsh
Subject: Re: how to find delaration of a variable
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:36:45 -0700
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thanks. it works well most of the time. I have one question though: sometimes it will take me to the declaration of the a variable of the same name but in a different file. Is there any way I can make sure it looks in the current file for the declaration before going to other file?


David Kastrup wrote:
Lowell Kirsh <> writes:

Is there an elisp function similar to find-variable-at-point that
would work for non-lisp code? I'd like to use it to jump to the
declaration of whatever variable is at point.

First run
etags *.c *.h

and then press M-. on the variable in question (specifying the local
TAGS file that etags generated, if you get asked for it).

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