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Re: get rid of leftover auto save #files#

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: get rid of leftover auto save #files#
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 09:42:37 -0600
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Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Kevin Dziulko <> writes:
>>When I decide to abandon changes made to a buffer.  I exit emacs
>>without saving the file.  It asks "Modified buffers exist; exit
>>anyway?"  I answer yes.  Now I have an auto save #file# file there.
>>How can I not get these files in this scenario?  I want to keep auto
>>save on because of it's many benefits.
> I usually mark the file as unmodified before killing it.
> [M-~ in the default configuration]

If I understand correctly, killing modified a buffer prompts you with
"Buffer file modified; kill anyway (yes or no)?", and if you answer
"yes" the auto-save file is automatically deleted.  So there should be
no need to `M-~' before `C-x k'.

But Lowell is presumably exiting emacs with `C-x C-c'
(save-buffers-kill-emacs), which prompts you with "Modified buffers
exist; exit anyway?" and does not delete the auto-save files.  It runs
save-some-buffers first, though, which gives the user the chance to type
`C-r M-~ q' for each modified buffer -- does that cause the auto-save
files to be deleted?

Ideally, save-some-buffers would give the user the chance to discard the
changes to a buffer (or even to all buffers)...

Kevin Rodgers

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