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Re: ispell spanish problem

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: ispell spanish problem
Date: 23 Apr 2004 09:33:14 -0700

Reiner Steib <> wrote in message 
> On Fri, Apr 23 2004, Oliver Scholz wrote:
> > I bet this is yet another latin-9 problem.
> Ah, I remember now that we discussed this previously.  But I don't
> remember which was the best solution.  Setting the locale to Latin-1
> or adding corresponding `ispell-dictionary-alist' entries for Latin-0?

Latin-*WHAT*??  :)

Anyways, fixing the locale is of course the proper thing to do.

[Slightly more seriously:  It should be enough to make sure that the
regexps match latin-9 characters.  I don't think that additional
entries for `ispell-dictionary-alist' are really necessary.]
> > I'd recommend to use "[[:alpha:]]" and "[^[:alpha:]]" here in general.
> Probably didn't use [:alpha:] for Emacs-20 compatibility.

I see.  What about "\\w" and "\\W"?  Did those already exist in Emacs

Otherwise one would have to specify each necessary character for every
relevant charset (in the mule sense) separately, using \x.. in the
> Bye, Reiner.
> PS: Nice to see you back in Usenet.

Thanks. I won't be really back for another five to six weeks, though,
due to both technical problems and a serious lack of time.  OTOH I am
finally going to have a permanent DSL connection to the 'net in my new
flat.  Horrayh!

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