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Re: Qs about RMAIL

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: Qs about RMAIL
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:15:16 -0400
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In article <c6e103$5ru$>, kj <> 

> Hi!
> 1. I tried setting the variable rmail-primary-inbox-list using
>    M-x set-variable[RET]
>    rmail-primary-inbox-list[RET]
>    /home/jones/mail/test[RET]
>    ...but I got the error
>    set-variable: Value `/home/jones/mail/test' does not match type
>    choice of rmail-primary-inbox-list
>    What's the correct way to enter a list of inboxes?

Lists are enclosed in parentheses.  And the elements of this list are 
supposed to be strings, which are enclosed in doublequotes.  So you 
should type:


> 2. Is there a way to tell rmail to fetch mail "just this once" from an
>    inbox that is not among the ones that it normally gets mail from?
>    (By "just this once" I mean "without having to first set
>    rmail-primary-inbox-list and then reset it back to its original
>    value")

Give a numeric prefix argument to the "g" command, and it will prompt 
for a file to read from.

> 3. What's the simplest way to convert a file from the usual Unix mail
>    format to BABYL?  (Actually I'm interested in ways to do this from
>    within Emacs, as well as from the Unix command line)

Read the file as an inbox into an RMAIL buffer, and then save the buffer.

> 4. Does anybody know of a procmail recipe to save mail to a file in
>    BABYL format?

I don't.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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