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Re: Mail-indicator in status line for maildir

From: Albert Reiner
Subject: Re: Mail-indicator in status line for maildir
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 10:52:36 GMT
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Daniel Jensen <> writes:

> Albert Reiner <> writes:
> >>> my incoming mail gets sent to a maildir, rather than a single file.  I
> >>> have set $MAIL to the correct directory, but as that always exists,
> >>> emacs constantly displays "Mail" in the status line even if the
> >>> directory is empty.
> Consider upgrading to the CVS version of Emacs. It has, among many
> other useful features, support for maildirs.
> If you don't want to upgrade, this might be what you want:
> <URL:>

Thanks for your reply!  I finally found time to try mail-check.el, and
it works perfectly!


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