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RE: Fwd: A few Emacs newbie questions, need oldbie answers :) (fwd)

From: Ryan Bowman
Subject: RE: Fwd: A few Emacs newbie questions, need oldbie answers :) (fwd)
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:17:04 -0700 (PDT)

> >>>       What is the best way (or the easiest way)
> to switch buffers?
> >>I tend to do 'C-x b' to switch to the previous
> buffer or 'C-x C-b' for
> >>a list of buffers.
>       Well, I researched on this one a bit. I read the
> info docs and
>       saw emacs-goodies-el has a cycle-buffer-forward and
>       cycle-buffer-backward commands and we can bind
> these to M-N and
>       M-P in .emacs, according to the info, but when I do
> this and
>       start emacs, I get errors pointing me to these
> lines. When I
>       remove the macros, emacs starts okay. Can anything
> be done so
>       that these bindings work?

I redefined C-x C-b to bs-show which is a much better
buffer listing with lots of commands for dealing with
and switching to buffers.  The file bs.el (should be
included with emacs) also includes commands for
cycling the buffer forward and backward, which I bound
to M-n and M-p, they also show a list (in the
minibuffer) of the buffers in the order they will be
cycled through. They ar bs-cycle-next and bs-cycle-previous.


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