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pcl-cvs and ssh on Windows

From: Brad Collins
Subject: pcl-cvs and ssh on Windows
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 13:23:39 +0700
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I've been having no luck getting VC and PCL-CVS to access sourceforge

I'm running Win98, I have Cygwin OpenSSH and CVS and I'm running a
prebuilt copy of CVS Emacs.

I have also put the following into my .emacs

(if (not (getenv "CVS_RSH"))
    (setenv "CVS_RSH" "ssh"))

I have no problem acessing SF from the cygwin bash shell, but no luck
from emacs.  If I run `cvs-update' it just sits there.  No error
message or anything.

Emacs is in d:/emacs (because of disk limits), and cygwin is in

If anyone is running pcl-cvs and ssh on Windows, what am I missing?
I have a feeling that emacs can't find ssh, but I can't figure out
the variable to set to tell it where to find it.



Brad Collins
Chenla Labs
Bangkok, Thailand

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