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Re: How to *completely* disable font-lock mode in my .emacs?

From: Eric Smith
Subject: Re: How to *completely* disable font-lock mode in my .emacs?
Date: 29 Apr 2004 17:20:58 -0700
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Joe Corneli <> writes:
> You can specify all the faces and so on directly, and this seems a
> less drastic measure than disabling font-lock.  The configuration I
> use which has pretty nice results both on a black rxvt and under x
> follows.

Having to find all the things in emacs that use distinct faces and
come up with new settings for all of them is exactly what I did not
want to do.

I'm still not sure why font-lock seemed to be on by default on my
system, but now that my .emacs is disabling it thanks to the help
people have provided here, I'm much happier.

But thanks for posting you configuration, and I may try it in the

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