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Processus delay

From: Vincent Barichard
Subject: Processus delay
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:55:28 +0200


I use emacs and auctex under linux (Emacs 21.3 et Auctex 11.14) and
I notice that at the end of a process launched with the macro C-c C-c,
there is a pause (1 or 2 seconds) between the end of the process and the
detection of the end of the process by emacs.

For example I may have the following trace :

  (see the transcript file for additional information)
  Output written on revue.dvi (23 pages, 79576 bytes).
  Transcript written on revue.log.

  ------ HERE there is 1 or 2 seconds of pause --------

  LaTeX finished at Wed Apr 28 11:55:12

It's very annoying because It's quicker to launch latex in a term.
I haven't this problem with Emacs and Auctex running under Solaris.
I guess it's a problem with the sentinel that doesn't read often the
state of the process, but I'm not really sure.

Is anybody has an idea ??

Thanks for your answers.


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