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Re: Per-directory customizations?

From: Vagn Johansen
Subject: Re: Per-directory customizations?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 19:13:02 +0200
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Roy Smith <> writes:

> Is there any way to do customizations on a per-directory basis?
> For example, I've got java project which lives in ~/dev/foo.  Anytime I 
> run M-X compile anywhere inside the ~/dev/foo hierarchy, I want the 
> command run to be "cd ~/dev/foo; ant".  I don't want to just set 
> compile-command in my .emacs file, because the right command varies 
> depending on which project (i.e. directory subtree) I'm in.
> Is there any way to do this?  I'm running GNU Emacs 21.2.1.

With the dirvars.el package you create a file called .emacs-dirvars in
the root directory containing

    compile-command: "cd ~/dev/foo; ant"

Then this setting is automatically used by the root directory and all

I use the following to store the current compile-command in a
.emacs-dirvars file.

    (defun vjo-create-dirvars-file (cmd)
      (if (file-exists-p ".emacs-dirvars")
          (find-file ".emacs-dirvars")
          (goto-char (point-max)))
        ;; else
          (find-file ".emacs-dirvars")
          (insert ";; -*- emacs-lisp -*- \n")
          (insert ";; VJ\n")
          (insert (concat "compile-command: <QUOTE>" cmd "<QUOTE>\n"))
          (replace-string "\"" "\\\"" nil (previous-line 1) (point))
          (replace-string "<QUOTE>" "\"" nil (previous-line 1) (point))

Vagn Johansen

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