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Cyrillic Unicode Gives Me Placeholders :-(

From: Eladio Ventura
Subject: Cyrillic Unicode Gives Me Placeholders :-(
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 19:36:09 +0200
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I'm working on a project where I have to use both cyrillic and
latin-1 characters in the same file (essentially a dictionary).

I use set-input-method to type cyrillic via cyrillic-yawerty and
that works just dandy. Then I save it in unicode using
universal-coding-system-argument utf-8, but when I use find-file to
open it again the cyrillics are replaced with placeholders. (I make
sure to switch coding system before I do that, of course)

Oddly enough they show up just fine in vim, or my unicode-aware
term, and can be seen by the usual tools like 'cat' and 'less'.

What am I missing? Why doesn't Emacs plug in the chars
automagically? After all, it can find the fonts since I can type the
darn things. *sigh*
"Thinking gives you wrinkles!"
Malibu Stacy, the Simpsons

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