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On the best practices

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: On the best practices
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 02:09:15 +0200
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Just a poll-message.

I am used to tick messages using either tick/dormant/permanent marks.

Since  these marks are  prevented from  expiring, and  given the  fact I
have big  groups, it ends  here in having  group loading time  worst and

How can  I enhance that  ? I  mean ticked messages  are used (by  me) to
remember things  or to keep  an interesting message indefinitely.  Now I
should concede I  rarely read ticked messages except  when someone or me
try to  answer to a question I  know I have informations  for. So ticked
(and only ticked)  messages are most of the time  useless into the group
I am visiting.

What is the  best practice to "move" ticked  and permanent articles into
special groups  where they could  stay forever without  interfering with
other frequently visited groups ?

My guess  is that I could create  groups based on certain  topics (ie. a
group dedicated  to emacs related  articles, etc...) and save  them. The
problem is I  don't really know how  to do this since I  have never done
this before ;)

For instance  I ask this because,  I have ticked hundreds  of article in
certain groups  like ding mailing-list,  emacs groups and it  is getting
longer and longer to enter/leave those groups after all.

Any hint, help, pointer could be of interest to me.

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