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Cheape software - all you can imagine

From: Gregory Fuentes
Subject: Cheape software - all you can imagine
Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 01:51:37 -0500

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.
No facts are to me sacred none are profane I simply experiment, an endless seeker, with no past at my back.
Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there.
I wish I knew what I know now before.
Intelligence and courtesy not always are combined Often in a wooden house a golden room we find.
Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.
Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity.

Sensation!! We opened a NEW site with unbezatable prices and products.
800 WORLD BESTu softwaref with 90%v discounto - that is a really BEST offer
just imaginem, you can buy ALL softwaref that you ever need and pay pricef of just one of it!
Officen 2003 for 50$ - nice deal right ? ;) retail price is 700$ - great savingsj, huh?

Please spend few momentsk of yours preciousl time to check our offerc - it is more than wortho it!

Pleahse followc here nowt!
As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.
Do nothing hastily but catching of fleas.
Mighty in deeds and not in words.
Alas, I am dying beyond my means.
Anyone who attempts to relate his life loses himself in the immediate. One can only speak of another.
None of us can boast about the morality of our ancestors. The record does not show that Adam and Eve were ever married.
Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it.
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
In His will is our peace.
We are discreet sheep we wait to see how the drove is going, and then go with the drove.
The family unit plays a critical role in our society and in the training of the generation to come.
I am sure that since I have had the full use of my reason, nobody has heard me laugh.
Love's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.
Learn to pause... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.
A man's character is his guardian divinity.
Men are the sport of circumstances when it seems circumstances are the sport of men.

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