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Re: glasses-mode for suchWords

From: Nicolas Rist
Subject: Re: glasses-mode for suchWords
Date: 6 May 2004 14:25:52 GMT
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote in news:jwv8yg6sm2z.fsf-

>> when I use the glasses-mode (bold), it works perfectly for words with a
>> capital at the beginning, but no more for word without, for instance
>> 'thatWord' is written 'thatWword', with the W bold.
>> And there are here coding rules...
> Do you really see "thatWword" or "thatWord"?
> In any case, it works fine for me here, so you'll need to give us more
> information about your situation.
>         Stefan

There is a conflict between the hs-minor-mode and the glasses-mode when the   
"uncapitalize" and a face option are set. (tried with emacs -q).


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