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Re: Persisting centered cursor with Scroll Lock key

From: Eric Eide
Subject: Re: Persisting centered cursor with Scroll Lock key
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 08:40:05 -0600 (MDT)
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"Torsten" == Torsten Bronger <address@hidden> writes:

        Torsten> Yes, the [`scroll-in-place'] package is apparently working
        Torsten> with my Emacs, but I can have the same behaviour with (setq
        Torsten> scroll-preserve-screen-position t), can't I?

I believe that the behaviors are similar but not the same.  Unfortunately, I
don't remember the exact differences in the behaviors of the two systems.

The `scroll-in-place' package predates `scroll-preserve-screen-position', and
since I've always been an avid user of `scroll-in-place' :-), I haven't spent
much time figuring out the policy was later implemented by `scroll-preserve-

I suppose I should figure it out, though!


Eric Eide <address@hidden>  .         University of Utah School of Computing . +1 (801) 585-5512 voice, +1 (801) 581-5843 FAX

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