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NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 11 May 2004 Lisp NYC Meeting: Russell McManus and Per

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 11 May 2004 Lisp NYC Meeting: Russell McManus and Perry Metzger on Lisp Macros, both Common and Schematic
Date: 11 May 2004 01:51:41 -0400

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement">

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 Date: 03 May 2004 09:07:11 -0400
 From: Heow Eide-Goodman <address@hidden>
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 Subject: [Lisp] Meeting, May 11th


 Ok, for the May 11th meeting we've got a nifty macro demo available
 involving two people, and three sections:

   * macro introduction by Russ
   * detailed macro case-study involving regex by Russ
   * hygenic macros by Perry

 As far as place is concerned, there is a small, intimate church
 available near St. Marks & Ave A., which would put it just a short walk
 from the N,R and Q & W and 4,5 and F&V and L subway lines.

 Being in the center of the E. Village, you won't find a better selection
 of bars for a post-meeting drink/discussion.

 The only thing we don't have [yet] is a projector.


   Trinity Lutheran
   602 E. 9th St. & Ave B., on Thomkins Square Park

   From N,R,Q,W (8th Street NYU Stop) and the 4,5 (Astor Street Stop):
     Walk East 4 blocks on St. Marks, cross Thomkins Square Park.

   From F&V (2nd Ave Stop):
     Walk E one or two blocks, turn north for 8 short blocks

   From L (1st Ave Stop):
     Walk E one block, turn sounth for 5 short blocks

   The M9 bus line drops you off at the doorstep and the M15 is near (get
 off on St. Marks & 1st)

   To get there by car, take the FDR (East River Drive) to Houston then
 go NW till you're at 9th & B.  Week-night parking isn't bad at all, but
 if you're paranoid about your Caddy or in a hurry, there is a parking
 garage on 9th between 1st and 3rd Ave.

 - Heow

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