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Best scoring tips

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Best scoring tips
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 10:06:44 +0200
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I  think my  current  scoring  setup is  not  that good  even  if i  use
adaptative scoring  technics, I have  groups where all articles  seem to
have the same importance/interest to me which is not really the case :)

So I  am requestion you guys, to  post here your best  scoring hints and
tips which include:

- configuration examples
- best scoring rules for certain groups
- best technics to score correctly

Oh, and  is it recommended  to «mix» adaptative  and normal scoring  ? I
mean  is it  good practice  to manually  score up/down  certain messages
when adaptative scoring is set for the group ?

I  think I  have  read  all covered  documentation  for that  particular
topic, but it seems I have misunderstood something ;)

Thank you
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