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The ugly scrollbar of emacs

From: Ding Lei
Subject: The ugly scrollbar of emacs
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 08:49:06 +0800
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Hello Folks,
        I was previously a Vimmer, just (preparing) to convert to emacs...
I am using emacs, compiled from the cvs source around april, with 
gtk2 toolkit.
Basically using emacs for java development with JDEE & Ecb. Though both of them 
two often shows this or that error complaining things like "symbol void/not 
found" , but anyway.. that's ok. 
The most unbearable thing is the ugly big scrollbar(splitline) between 
buffers(directory buffer, source buffer, method buffer). They take too much 
screen space, I would prefer a thin ascii char splitline in VIM.
        Any way to customize the scrollbar in emacs?

        Thank you!



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