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PSGML questions

From: Peter Westlake
Subject: PSGML questions
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 10:43:57 +0100
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I am trying to use PSGML 1.3.1 with Emacs 21.3, and there is a
conflict between PSGML and sgml-mode.el, because they both define
sgml-mode. I can unload-feature the original sgml-mode and then load
psgml, but that only works interactively. For some reason it doesn't
work in .emacs, perhaps because the original sgml-mode has already
been loaded by then to handle some XML files opened by Emacs desktop.

Taking sgml-mode.el out of the Emacs directory works up to a point,
but gives an error, probably because the desktop tries to load it.
To make this work I would need to remove all mention of sgml-mode.el
from the Emacs lisp directory. This would be bad because I would have
to do it all again next time I upgrade.

Alternatively, I could rename everything in PSGML (to psgml-mode,
etc). auto-mode-alist associates .sgml and .xml with sgml-mode, but
putting new entries at the beginning will override that. The question
is whether any other packages call sgml-mode explicitly. Several of
the standard ones refer to it (flyspell, tildify, whitespace, and
others) but don't actually call it. Does anyone know of any packages
that do?

- since writing that I have tried renaming all the sgml- variables and
functions in PSGML to psgml-, and it nearly works. But sometimes I get
the error "Symbol's value as variable is void: psgml-local-catalogs".
If the XML file is the current buffer when I quit Emacs, the error
will not happen and the file will be parsed and fontified. If any
other buffer is current on quitting, the error happens and the file
buffer is not fontified. Either way, if I go to the Markup menu and
try to "Add Element To Element", it tells me that symbol
psgml-add-element-menu's value as a function is void. This might not
be entirely my fault: a colleague has Xemacs, which has PSGML as
standard, and it gave the same error about sgml-add-element-menu.
I have tried to debug with edebug, but so far all I have achieved is
to confirm that the symbols are void just as the message says.

Any suggestions for what might be going wrong? And has anyone seen any
of these errors in the original PSGML 1.3.1?


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